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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday     
8.20am to 2.00pm

Breakfast 8.20am to 8.40am 
Students can not be served breakfast after 8.40am
  • 1st Break Lunch - orders must be received online before 9.00am
  • 2nd Break Snacks -  hot food is not available during 2nd break

As from 2017 there will be no over the counter ordering for first break, it will all be done online, so get in early!  No change to breakfast and second break sales

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The tuckshop handles up to 200 orders each day.  On line ordering helps the tuckshop in so many ways.

·         Online ordering simplifies the process of sorting orders

·         Saves time counting money and giving change in the morning

·         Saves time counting money and banking at the end of the day

·         Reduces the number of visits to the bank

·         Enables the lunch preparation to commence earlier


For Parents worried that their child will not get the buying over the counter experience please remember that we sell ice blocks, snacks and drinks over the counter during second break.  Breakfast is also available over the counter 8.20am – 8.40am each day Tuesday to Friday.


If you have concerns about using your bank account details online there is credit card and paypal options available.


If you can help in the tuckshop please contact the tuckshop on  3480 9145

email – or pop in to the tuckshop and have a chat with Janelle and Lily

In an effort to keep costs as low as possible, the Tuckshop would appreciate donations of 
                                                Plastic knives, forks and teaspoons. 
                                                Dishwashing liquid

Seasonal Fruit


This is especially good for parents who would like to help out, but have other commitments during school hours.

Debbie Houston,
7 Oct 2018, 22:45